Welcome to Yogalife - a small, intimate yoga studio based in Ekali, the Northern suburbs of Athens, Greece.

Our depth of knowledge & attention to detail, and small groups are what sets us apart.

We offer 200hr Anusara® Yoga Teacher Training programs - A six module training spread out over a period of 10 months. You are welcome to take a few modules (Anusara® Yoga Immersions), take the modules you need in order to have completed the 200hr Anusara® Yoga Training if you have already done some modules in the past, or do the full training.  

Nefeli Makri created Yogalife in 2010 to stress the importance of yoga as a tool for life.   Asana is a way to celebrate embodiment.  Meditation is connection to the Self and to the Universal energy.

Nefeli Makri is a Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500) and teacher trainer.  She offers:


  • 200hr Anusara® Yoga Teacher Training annually.
  • 30 hours of Anusara® Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training
  • Anusara® Yoga Immersions PART I- III for committed practitioners and teachers wanting to deepen their practice.
  • Anusara® Yoga Teacher Trainings PART I-III, advanced teacher training for teachers wanting to refine their teaching skills and learn how to teach according to the Anusara method.
  • Private Yoga Therapy Sessions
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Worldwide Skype Anusara® Yoga Sessions

“As science ( anatomy, alignment to serve our bodies- the vehicle of the Soul) and Spirituality meet we infuse our lives with Love and are better able to serve others as we create and live surrounded by positive energy.” — Nefeli Makri

Our Anusara® Yoga Teacher trainings are in small groups of trainees, helping co- create teachers she would have wanted to meet:  Teachers who care and are highly knowledgeable, so that they can spread the knowledge and help alleviate pain (both emotional and physical) or make it more bearable.

Yoga needs to be a personalized practice in order to be health promoting and effective and that is what students get when they practice privately - a tailor made practice especially for their needs that given day.

“Breathe - Align - Open to the Divine”

I believe that if Caroline Myss attended yoga classes with Nefeli, she would say that Nefeli was born with the Teacher Archetype! I am learning so much in every respect but most importantly, Yoga & Nefeli are teaching me how to see things from a different angle, therefore making everything so much clearer.  — Eva Stouyiannides

Contact Nefeli

Email: nefelimakri@icloud.com

Ph: 0030-6970-994089

Address: Ekali, Athens, Greece

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Anusara® Yoga Class

Saturdays at 10am (except Easter Sat) At Yogalife - Ekali, Athens, Greece

Next Anusara Yoga Teacher Training

Our next 200-hr Anusara® Yoga Teacher Training will begin September 2017.

Email or contact us now for more information.