Welcome to Yogalife – a small, intimate yoga studio based in Ekali, the Northern suburbs of Athens, Greece.  Our depth of knowledge & attention to detail, and small groups are what sets us apart.


We offer Private Yoga Therapy, Yoga Teacher Training, Prenatal Yoga and Skype-worldwide Sessions.  Yogalife will always offer quality over quantity.

Nefeli Makri, the owner has chosen to offer small group classes and mostly offer private and semi-private yoga sessions as yoga used to be offered traditionally before it became commercialized in the West.

Yoga needs to be a personalized practice in order to be health promoting and effective and that is what students get when they practice privately, a tailor made practice especially for their needs that given day.

Our classes feature Anusara-Inspired Yoga with a focus on the therapeutic aspect of yoga.

Owner – Nefeli Makri came up with the name ‘Yogalife’ because she wanted to stress the importance of yoga as a tool for life.  Asana is a way to celebrate embodiment.  Meditation is connection to the Self and to the Universal energy.

Yogalife opened its doors in 2010 for just a few people and has gone a long way ever since.  Nefeli Makri is at the highest level of training with the yoga Alliance: an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT500) and yoga therapist.  Nefeli offers small group yoga classes, yoga therapy private sessions, prenatal and postnatal private session, and a 200-hr Yogalife Teacher training for a maximum of six students wanting to study in a more privatized setting as learning occurs in a safe non – critical environment.