Yogalife is the premiere Yoga studio based in Ekali, Athens, Greece featuring Anusara-Inspired Yoga classes with a focus on the therapeutic aspect of yoga.  We offer Private Yoga Therapy, Yoga Teacher Training, Kids, Prenatal and Skype-worldwide Sessions.

The main aim at Yogalife is to always offer quality over quantity. That is why Nefeli Makri, the owner has chosen to offer small group classes and mostly offer private and semi-private yoga sessions as yoga used to be offered traditionally before it became commercialized in the West.  Yoga needs to be a personalized practice in order to be health promoting and effective and that is what students get when they practice privately, a tailor made practice especially for their needs that given day.


Ph: 0030-6970-994089

Address: Ekali, Athens, Greece

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Yogalife is a small yoga studo in Ekali, Athens, Greece.